NEFSA : A Beacon of Hope in Fire Safety Education



The Fire Academy of Northeast (NEFSA) in Dibrugarh is a shining light in the field of fire safety education, showing the way
towards a safer future. NEFSA is at the forefront of fire safety education, equipping communities and individuals with the
information and skills to avoid and respond to fire emergencies through its creative programs and uncompromising dedication to quality.

Comprehensive Training Programs:

NEFSA provides extensive training courses on a variety of subjects, such as emergency preparedness, fire prevention, and the
safe handling of firefighting apparatus. The goal of these programs is to give participants the abilities and information need to successfully manage fire situations.

Cutting-Edge Facilities:

Modern training facilities, such as simulation labs and simulated fire scenarios, are available at NEFSA. These facilities give
trainees a practical, hands-on learning experience that guarantees they are ready to handle fire situations in the real world.

Expert Faculty:

The faculty at NEFSA is made up of seasoned experts with a plethora of experience in emergency response and fire safety. Their
commitment is in passing on their knowledge and experience to the upcoming generation of firemen and fire safety specialists.

Community Outreach Programs:

NEFSA frequently participates in community outreach initiatives, workshops, and seminars. These initiatives aim to increase
people’s knowledge of fire safety and provide them the tools they need to prevent fires by taking preventative action.

Youth Empowerment Initiatives:

NEFSA acknowledges the value of educating young people about fire safety. The school provides youth with specific programs that
educate them about safety precautions and fire prevention.

Continuous Improvement:

As part of its dedication to ongoing development, NEFSA updates its curriculum and programs on a regular basis to take into
account the most recent advancements in emergency response and fire safety.

Collaboration with Stakeholders:

To increase its influence and outreach, It works with regional fire departments, municipal governments, and community
organizations. These collaborations guarantee a coordinated approach to emergency response and fire safety education.


NEFSA is a ray of hope for communities in Dibrugarh and beyond because of its commitment to providing high-quality fire safety
education. Through the provision of information and training on fire safety, NEFSA is laying the groundwork for a safer future
for everybody.

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